Ahmed Hijazi (cartoonist)

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Ahmed Hijazi (cartoonist)
Haihuwa 1936
Mutuwa 2011
Sana'a cartoonist (en) Fassara da marubuci

Ahmed Ibrahim Hijazi (1936–2011), ya kuma kasan ce ɗan ƙasar Masar ne mai zane-zane mai ban dariya, wanda aka san shi da sukar 'yan siyasa da al'umma. [1] [2] [3]

Manazarta[gyara sashe | gyara masomin]

  1. Leonard Freedman The Offensive Art: Political Satire and Its Censorship around the World from Beerbohm to Borat 0313356017 - 2008 "For example, the government has tolerated editorial cartoonist Ahmed Hijazi, despite the fact that his work expresses hostility to imperialism, international business, and the cult of personality and the worship of the state, even in the guise of the public health apparatus) to do so...."
  2. Allen Douglas, Fedwa Malti-Douglas - 1994 Arab comic strips: politics of an emerging mass culture 62 "One of the best-known editorial cartoonists of the Arab world,8 Hijazi has drawn for mainstream Egyptian magazines such as Sabdh al-Khayr and, in recent years, on a regular basis for al-Amli, ... Ahmad Hijazi shares many of the basic positions of the Egyptian Left: hostility to imperialism, suspicion of international business. But he extends his analysis to less widely accepted positions: a critique of nationalism and even patriotism, ...."
  3. Fedwa Malti-Douglas - Men, Women, and God(s): Nawal El Saadawi and Arab Feminist Poetics 0520200721 1995 Her earthy realism, like her politically uncompromising, frequently bleak visions of Egyptian society, show her to be the literary sister of such leftist-populist writers as Yusuf al-Qa'id and Ahmad Fu'ad Najm, and even the cartoonist Ahmad Hijazi ...